Is it just me, or is July 4th falling on a Tuesday disrupting the work week?

Is it just me, or is July 4th falling on a Tuesday disrupting the work week?

Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the 4th of July. The fact that we get the privilege to celebrate the founding of America, enjoy time off with friends and family, and eat as many burgers, hot dogs, and ribs as humanly possible, is a blessing. I would not trade it for anything. But this year it seemed like the 4th falling on a Tuesday has thrown a wrench into the work week.

A lot of people were working on Monday. There were some homes listed over the weekend that went into multiple-offer scenarios, so game faces were definitely on throughout the day. Then, once Tuesday came around it was almost as if the switch completely turned off. The phones went from ringing all day Monday, to going dead silent. The day before was a day of answering multiple calls, negotiating deals, and scheduling appointments. Then all of a sudden, poof. No more calls on Tuesday. I'm completely fine with that, however it seemed very eerie.

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Land in Goochland we plan to build on.


The eeriness continued into Wednesday as it felt like waking up on a Sunday morning, only to remember it was in fact Wednesday.

I did one of my normal routines, head to the Starbuck's at the corner of Robinson and Stuart in The Fan, ordered my go-to venti vanilla iced coffee, and started reaching out to everyone that I intended to reach out to for the week.

Then it dawned on me, this did not feel like a Wednesday, this felt like a Monday. I am currently writing this on Thursday, and have not even given today a vibe yet.

It was definitely busy this morning as I toured some land for potential new builds, had a coaching session, showed a house, and am now sitting here writing this article, aiming to have one question answered: Is anyone else having a week this weird? Let me know in the comments! Hope everyone had a safe 4th of July, and that you are all ready to get back to grinding next week!

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