Pickle Ball and Richmond

Pickle Ball and Richmond

Alright. I know what you are all thinking. Pickle Ball has been around for the last couple of years and is the hottest thing in athletic hobbies right now. Admittedly, I have just been bit by the bug as of last week. This sport is more fun than I ever imagined. However, there is one BIG rule. I'm not talking about the rules of the actual sport itself. Those are easier learned by getting out there and playing the game. This is an etiquette thing, and if you want to make friends at the local pickle ball courts, (which I will tell you where to find them in Richmond below) do not break this rule. When you approach the pickle ball courts with your friends make sure you look out for the slots where you place your paddles. This is where EVERY single one of your players needs to place their paddle. This reserves your spot for the next up on the courts. There is typically a line of paddles in the slots, and a slider that labels whose paddles are next. When you are next, and a court opens up remove your paddles, go play one game, then get back in line by placing your paddles back in the rack. Do not break this rule! Even though everyone is extremely nice on the pickle ball court, it is never fun when you unknowingly break the rules of the most popular sport in America right now! Alright, now go have fun playing on these courts that I am about to mention for you below!

The pickle ball racks I mentioned above. LOOK FOR THESE AT THE COURTS!

These are some courts that are open to the public in Richmond, VA. Click the links to get the addresses and more information!

Forest Hill Park: Play Pickleball at Forest Hill Park: Court Information | Pickleheads

Bryan Park: Play Pickleball at Bryan Park: Court Information | Pickleheads

Bill Robinson Park in Church Hill: Play Pickleball at Bill Robinson Park: Court Information | Pickleheads

Pouncey Tract Park in Glen Allen: Play Pickleball at Pouncey Tract Park: Court Information | Pickleheads

Randolph Community Center: Play Pickleball at Randolph Community Center: Court Information | Pickleheads

I know I am leaving out a lot of great places so feel free to comment on the feed or post as needed. Where do you play pickle ball? Let's play sometime soon!

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